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Apr 25, 2022
Benefits of Mix Feeding your Cat

Have you heard of the saying, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach"? This also holds true with our fur friends. To get a cat's heart racing, you should prepare special meals with flavors and textures that they love. As humans we all have an appetite for variety in our diet - why would it be any different when caring about pets?

If your cat is no longer interested in the food you’ve been feeding them, it could be because they are getting tired of that particular flavor. However, there are some ways for rejuvenating their eating habits by mixed feeding.


Mixed feeding is mixing wet and dry cat food and incorporating both into your cat’s diet. Both dry and wet food provides the perfect balance of nutrients to keep your cat's nutritional needs met.


It excites their senses. 

Mixing up your pet’s diet is a great way to keep them interested and engaged. Not only will the variety that wet, frozen, or raw food offers enhance flavor but it also brings out some aromas from kibble making those flavors overall much better.

It helps with their hydration. 

There’s nothing worse than seeing your kitty dehydrated. Even if you leave a water dish out, some cats don't get enough moisture which can lead to kidney or urinary tract issues and other problems with their health. Mixing wet food which contains between 70-85% water compared to only 8-10% in dry pet foods, will give them the hydration they need. 

It improves their oral health. 

Dry food is a great way to keep your cat's teeth healthy by removing plaque and tartar. The friction caused by chewing the crunchy texture of dry foods can be beneficial in preventing future buildup by scraping away gunk in their teeth.

It helps with their weight management. 

Wet cat food is often the perfect option for your feline friends who are trying to lose weight. It has lower calories per gram than dry and because most wet foods have higher protein, it can help reduce hunger pangs. 

It promotes healthy metabolism. 

Wet food provides a healthy balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates that help satisfy an instinctive feeding behavior. It also helps maintain their metabolism by enhancing the production of their digestive enzymes to break down these nutrients into usable energy for your cat.




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As with any change in diet, cats and their digestive systems need to adjust gradually when introduced to new foods. This helps avoid issues that can arise due to too fast-paced swaps between types of kibble or cans.

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