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Apr 20, 2022
Tips for a Shiny and Smooth Dog's Coat

When you love your pet, it’s natural to want them to look and feel good. An important part of maintaining a healthy dog is ensuring he or she has healthy skin and coat. A shiny coat not only looks pretty but also reflects how well cared for he/she has been throughout his lifetime.


Soft and relatively smooth even on short or wirehaired breeds. 
It should be shiny but not greasy.
It should not have a strong odor or an unpleasant oily smell.

If your dog's coat seems a little lackluster and feels dry and brittle, keep reading for our best advice on how to create a smooth and shiny coat for your pup.





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  1. Inspect their fur. 


 Shield your dogs everywhere. It is important that you     take measures to reduce the risk of ticks,pleas and     paralysis.




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  1. Bathing regularly. Giving your dog a good bath is important because it can help prevent problems like dandruff, skin irritation, and even fleas. 


  You should bathe them when dirt starts building up, 


 When choosing shampoos and conditioners, always     opt for something that has natural ingredients or has     vitamin E, as that’s what makes your pet’s fur silky   smooth!


 Feed it the nutrition it needs. High-quality proteins found in chicken and   lamb are an excellent way to help your pup grow their natural coat.

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Choose a nutritional supplement packed with essential vitamins, and minerals with a well-rounded blend supporting your dog’s daily health.


Bring your dog to the groomer from time to time. Dogs are just like people, they need some TLC when we're busy with our lives! When you take them in for their regular appointment at home or work grooming will be much more enjoyable because of how clean and healthy-looking coats can get after each visit.


Consult your vet. If you're having trouble getting your dog's coat to shine, talk with the vet about it. In some cases, the reason your dog’s coat lacks shine is a deeper issue. Maybe it has itchy skin from allergies, for example. So, consult your vet on the right treatment, since every dog is different and you want to make sure you’re doing the right thing for your pup.


As a pet parent, you want your fur baby to look its best. A shiny dog coat exudes health and is a sign that your dog feels great. Use the tips above as a starting place to let your dog shine their brightest. Whether you’re looking for the best diet for your dog’s health or the tools to keep their coat radiant, we have what you need.