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May 31, 2022
Tofu Cat Litter: A New Way to Treat Your Cat’s Poop

Cats are incredible creatures, but their poop is not. The stench of their litter box can be a real problem.

When you scoop up the poop, you can insist that it doesn't smell anymore (believable, but lame) or tell the truth and admit that it stinks (100% believable). 

Either way, most people would agree this isn't a cat owner's favorite thing. 

Even if a cat is litter trained and poops in the same place all the time, picking up cat poop is nasty. 

It smells, it's disgusting to touch and worst of all you'll have to smell it for the rest of the day. 

This is an unpleasant fact of life but think about how you could avoid it altogether.

Tofu litter is the answer to all of these issues, keep reading to find out how!


Tofu cat litter can be used by owners of all types of cats since it is 100% natural without any potentially harmful additives, chemicals, or perfumes. 

It's made from soybean meal and wheat mill run (a byproduct of corn), which is then combined with water and soybean oil to create granules.


Safe for Kittens
Tofu litter doesn’t contain any harmful toxins or synthetic materials. It is made from all-natural bean curd which is safe to ingest and is in stark contrast to other litters, where an emergency vet visit is usually required if your cat starts to eat it.

Superior and instant absorption action that quickly soaks up cat urine and neutralizes strong odors on contact. Also, it will not overpower your feline's delicate sense of smell.

Cleaner Litter Box Experience
Switching to tofu kitty litter will save you time and money! Why? Because its non-clumping formula absorbs all the moisture. This means your cat’s paws stay dry. And, since it's non-tracking, it won't stick to your cat's fur or make a mess of your home.

Better For the Environment
Tofu cat litter uses renewable resources to create a cat litter that is toxin-free and biodegradable. This is a better option than clay litter because it contains no toxins, and is 100% compostable.

Less Frequent Refills
Most litters will last about two weeks before they become too smelly and have to be tossed out. But with tofu litter, it usually lasted about three weeks to a whole month before refreshing the litterbox. But of course, scooping daily is a must.

Soft Touch
Made from natural bean curd residue and cornstarch with an ultra-soft texture that accommodates felines with sensitive paws.

It helps to protect the pet respiratory tract with its zero dust components.

Flushable cat litter can be an excellent eco-friendly solution to your cat’s toilet duties.




If you’re now on board with tofu cat litter and want to try transitioning your cat to this environmentally-friendly, safe, mess-free option, we have a recommendation. 

Eco Clean 100% Natural Tofu Cat Litter is the best tofu cat litter available in the Philippines.  It presents no health hazards, is friendly to the environment, and will leave your home clean and smelling great.

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