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Acana Grass Fed - Lamb
SKU: Acana Grass Fed-Lamb 340g
₱ 249.00
SKU: Acana Grass Fed-Lamb 2kg
₱ 1,150.00
SKU: Acana Grass Fed-Lamb 11.4kg
₱ 3,458.00
SKU: Acana Grass Fed-Lamb 17kg
₱ 4,750.00

Acana Grass Fed-Lamb 

Premium quality dry food for adult dogs of all breeds
Mono protein:grass-fed New Zealand lamb is the single source of animal protein, making it suitable for diet-sensitive dogs

Grain and gluten-free, no GMOs or plant protein concentrates:suitable for dogs with nutritional sensitivities or allergies
Top quality ingredients:all ingredients are sourced from regional, Canadian farms and fisheries. They are of human grade quality and delivered fresh every day

WholePrey™ meat ratio:reflects your dog’s natural wild diet and uses meat, organs and cartilage in the correct ratio to meet your dog’s dietary needs

Mirrors your dog’s natural diet in the wild:to help your pet stay healthy and happy
50% lamb:50% of the meat content is fresh meat. This is an excellent source of animal product with a hearty, delicious taste

50% fruit, vegetables and plant extracts:from local Canadian farms ensure that your dog gets all the vitamins it needs. They also help to keep the digestive system working well

Easy to digest:with fresh apples and butternut squash which support a healthy digestion

Low in carbohydrates (25%):The kibble is free from potatoes, tapioca and starches. It contains locally grown lentils and chickpeas which have a low glycaemic index which can help to prevent obesity
with marine algae:rich in omega-3-fatty acids DHA & EPA

No artificial additives:this food is made using top quality ingredients and provides your dog with a natural, nutrient rich food which doesn’t need additives
With zinc, copper, vitamin D3 & E:These are the only supplements used in this kibble.