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Bearing Dog Shampoo Formula2 (300ml Flea&Tick Short Hair)

Bearing Dog Shampoo Formula2 (300ml Flea&Tick Short Hair) - 300ml

Bearing Dog ShampooFormula2 (300ml Flea&Tick Short Hair)

BEARING Formula Tick & Flea Dog Shampoo Foam Booster Form

Bearing Shampoo Flea Shampoo Bubble boost

Clean bath with fun bubble. Give your favorite and enjoy the soft bubbles with fresh fragrance. Helps prevent and eliminate tick fleas effectively. Do not leave residues irritating the skin. Have fun, full of no distractions.

To use : Shampoo mix ratio: Water (1: 1) Shake the bottle before pouring the water. Pool and massage until foam Pour a little water until foam is thick foam. Then rinse with clean water. To get the best results, use a moisturizer and conditioner for your skin and hair.

Size: 300ml