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DaYang Hamster Cage 26x20x27cm Purple M-01 (Metro Manila Only)

DaYang Hamster Cage 26x20x27cm Purple M-01 (Metro Manila Only)

DaYang Hamster Cage (26x20x27cm Purple)


Can read the number of laps your baby runs everyday.

The unique designallows your baby to exercise actively!

Various ways of playing such as seesaw and running ball.

It can be used separately for better entertainment.

Components: Wheel, Wheel axle sleeve, Seesaw support, Seesaw, Transparent cover, Clear cover of Front wheel, Back wire, Front wire, Base, Transparent front door, Buckle,  Feeder, Water bottle holder Water bottle,Upper part, Counter.

Functions Description: 

1. One 1.5V AG13 battery for power.

2. Counting range is from 00000 to 99999.

3. The counting increases 1 every time the magnet is touched off.

4. The counter shows all figures (including 0 in front of the number) such as number 123 shows as 00123.

5. When the counter reaches the maximum 99999, the magnet will stop counting, the display will remain 99999.

6. In the displaying state, hold down the button for two seconds and wait for the magnet to be touched off and count when the sreen shows 88888 for one second and then 00000.

7. The counter will go to sleep state automatically when the magnet is not touched off for two minutes and the screen will be closed in order to save power.

8. If magnet is touched off in the sleep state, the counter will wake up automatically and open the display, the number will add one on the basis of the number before sleep state, holding down the button has no effect in sleep state.

Operating Instructions:

1. If there is no display on the screen, please touch off the magnet to wake up, hold down the button for two second to clear when the screen displays the number, the counting will start again when the screen displays 00000.

2. If the display screen is dim, please replace the battery (AG13 battery) in time.

3. Please notice the battery polarity when you replace the battery.

Item no. M-01